About New Age Interiors


Since 1998, New Age Interiors has been helping homeowners take the seemingly overwhelming task of decorating their home and turn it into one that is pleasant and fulfilling. From whole house renovations to single room redecorating, our interior design experts Melissa Fenigstein and Linda Pravata take the time to understand your goals and define what our job is in your home. Each project is a true collaboration with our client's tastes, needs, and budgets firmly in mind. With the assistance of New Age Interiors, your house will become a home you can be proud of.


Accessories in your home are just as important as any other interior design element. They reflect your style philosophy and tie the entire room together. With New Age Interiors, we understand the importance of these decorative pieces and have worked to expedite the process of finding them. We've worked tirelessly traveling to home shows and art shows around the country buying different accessories that we've saved for your convenience. With our large inventory of decorations, available for both residential and commercial properties alike, we can help put the finishing touches on any project. 


With New Age Interiors, you work directly with Melissa and Linda to develop a plan for redesign. Whether it's as basic as adding art work, or as extensive as a complete office redesign, our team has the knowledge and expertise to turn your goals into a beautiful finished product. There's no job too large or small for New Age Interiors to take on, and the company boasts an extensive resume of successful work in several different commercial locations, including doctor's offices and law firms.